Town Development Department

Town Development Department of Shahjahanpur Nagar Nigam is mainly responsible for administering development occurring in their municipal area. It is divided into two parts, one is centralized division and the other one is decentralized division.

Key responsibilities of Centralized Town Development Division are:

  • To give development permission of high rise commercial buildings and layouts
  • To supervise high-rise and commercial buildings
  • To give permission of hoardings on private premises
  • To carry out Registration process of Architects / Engineers/Structural designers per D.C.R
  • To formulate policies related to department

Key responsibilities of Decentralized Town Development Division are:

  • To give permission of low-rise commercial buildings
  • To supervise all development process other than high-rise commercial buildings
  • To give permission for establishment of temporary structures for exhibitions fairs etc.
  • To give permission for establishment of Tele Communication towers.

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  • Nagar Nigam Premises, Chowk
  • Phone: 05842-225437
  • Working Hours
    Monday-Saturday : 9:00 – 18:00
    Sunday & Gazetted Holidays: Closed

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